Public speaking in a foreign language for immigrant entrepreneurs and expats

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This workbook is a collection of all my learnings, errors and discoveries about public speaking as a foreigner and immigrant. It targets the mindset and insecurities, as well as gives actionable exercises and tips to start speaking from the heart within the first hour.

After dozens of heart-opening conversations about vulnerable public speaking with people who always wanted to have such courage, I decided to put together a guide with everything I've learned on the topic so far.

❓ Who is it for?

The main "condition" is that you will speak in a foreign language. You're possibly an immigrant entrepreneur, a foreigner, an expat and a cosmopolitan citizen of the world. You might have already been sharing your story and expertise, or you are only dreaming about it. This workbook is structured to bring you from the very basics of public speaking to more advanced techniques. And, as with everything in personal development, you can always come back to it to re-discover something you've missed.

❓ What is in it?

In the workbook, you will find key points for reflection and inner work so that you can speak from a place of power, self-reliance, curiosity and joy. You’ll see lots of tips, though-provokers and emojis! As it's my own experience and story, prone to change and evolution, I know this workbook won't be a complete and comprehensive guide just yet. I promise that I'll make it up to you by releasing updates and additional learning materials as I grow in my own practice!

❓ I don't think I ever do public speaking...

I want to point out that while public speaking is traditionally about going up the stage dressed in a stiff suit and wearing heels, I also want you to consider that any time you're talking to anyone, even your buddies, you're doing public speaking. Or when you help out as a moderator at your friend's event. Or when you give a speech at someone's wedding. Or when you have a call with all your large family who live 2000 km away from you.

Public speaking can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, charisma and courage.

I know you thought it was the other way around!

❓ What about the practice?

💣 Interested in joining a private mastermind of everyone practicing public speaking based on this workbook? Every 2 weeks, we’ll connect online and work together on our stories, skills and missions. We will have a specific structure to follow for both growth as public speakers and fun creativity.

After getting your workbook, drop me a message at for your free intro session.

❓ I would like to get some 1:1 coaching!

Awesome, I've added an option just for this - a 45-min session with me to complement what you've learned or are going through with the workbook. Just choose the alternative on your right ➡

I'd also be happy to coach you regularly after that if you're ready.

Here's what others say:

"Anastasiia’s workbook is packed with real, actionable advice for people interested in public speaking in a foreign language. The lessons in the book are concrete and manage to reframe a lot of what we consider weaknesses into assets that can make our talk unique. I love that there is no generic fluff, but real tasks that make you a fearless speaker. [I also enjoyed] a special section on finding speaking engagements," - Kosta Karakashyan, Founder and Producer at Studio Karakashyan.

"What powerful work! I’m working with speakers daily and haven’t seen anything so complete. If this is your second book, I can’t image what’s following!" - Elina Jutelyte, Founder of Freelance Business, Event manager and marketing consultant.

"I’m still a newbie when it comes to public speaking, but it is an ambition of mine to get better at it. And I have to admit that this workbook of Ana really helped me get the confidence and structure to do it and to keep on going for it. Thanks, Ana," - Jean-François Bodart, Creator, Mentor, Coach, Trainer at BizDev.

😅 Still not sure? Here's the Table of contents:

😍 More bonuses?

Every new student will get a 25% discount on my book "Blissful: A guidebook for growing humans". If you are already up, you can get all the formats of the book (PDF, Mobi and ePub) right away ➡

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A printable and fillable PDF with 11 exercises to level up your public speaking skills as an immigrant + 1 free session on the Alien Speaking Club and other add-ons

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Public speaking in a foreign language for immigrant entrepreneurs and expats

0 ratings
I want this!